Read All Your Favorite Blogs in One Place

Sweet! Will this become my new Google Reader?

The Blog

If you feel like it’s a chore to keep up with all your favorite blogs, you can now read posts from all the blogs you follow (even the ones that aren’t on!) in one convenient place on the home page:

Your reader displays all the posts across all the blogs you follow in the order they were published, with the most recent content appearing at the top. You’ll see an excerpt of the introduction to each post, the first image in the post, and thumbnails of any other images that the post contains.

You can even like and reblog content directly from the reader (we’re working on bringing reblogs back to the toolbar!) using the icons in the top right corner of each post:

Whether you’re at the computer or using the WordPress app on an Android or iOS mobile device, having all the posts from the…

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One thought on “Read All Your Favorite Blogs in One Place

  1. That’s a good question — we’re not really aimed at replicating or replacing Google Reader, more at creating a new experience that’s tailored around really engaging with blogs, especially ones on I still use Twitter and such, but I’ve found that has become the first thing I check in the morning because it’s easy, hassle-free, there’s only stuff I really care about, and it helps me blog more.

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